Idea Management

Idea Management

Every human action is an illusion of an Idea, nothing can be done without an Idea. Having said that, how can we organize the collective ideas from different people and choose the best out of them, that’s where our solution (Idea Management) come into picture to solve this very essential organizational need.

Discover a better way to capture and share ideas across your organization. Prioritize their value based on organizational metrics, strategic alignment and critical success factors. Where collaboration and social connect among thousands of employees plays key role.


Phases of Our Tool


Idea Creation:

The initial phase is the creative process of communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. So, whenever user thinks that he has got an Idea he/she should just create that Idea in the portal with some other basic information so that the Idea can be tracked, prioritized and analyzed.

Idea Prioritization:

If you don’t have a prioritization or "screening" process, you run the risk of being overloaded with poor quality ideas which may "jam" up your idea management system. Having a business-focused, structured prioritization process is central to the successful implementation of an integrated innovation framework within any business. Hence, Prioritization is where you filter the Ideas by giving them some weightage based on certain predefined parameters.

Idea Selection:

It is a post-ideation technique for selecting suitable ideas that could be turned into quick win projects. Through capturing user’s review and likes you can select the best ideas from the queue.

Final Phase:

This phase can vary for each Business segment and Management policy. This Phase will be customized based on the Business requirement. Either the selected Idea can be converted as Project into Project Management tool or the selected Idea can go for “Conceptual Check” phase to identify if there is any potential risk in the Idea when it would be implemented as Project/Product.

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  • Project
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Partner