Demand & Project Management Mobile App

Demand & Project Management Mobile App

It is difficult to manage the continuous growth in team unit as well keeping the record of resources utilized and further required wrt project demand. As the project proceeds, the grueling demand of maintaining the ROI is a prime concern. To meet this important aspect in the project management scenario, we have built a premier Demand & Project Management Mobile App.

It’s a one stop mobile app solution which provides end to end Demand & Project Lifecycle Management. The solution and mobile app is seamlessly collaboration integrated with custom Demand Management tool using SharePoint. With Project Server Integration, it helps PMO team to run the complete process end to end from Identification to Closer.


Project Server and SharePoint is tailored in such a way that it provides end use with r a complete custom product for end to end Demand Management with native Android app for Approval center, Rich content Dashboards, Report & Notification alerts.

Key benefits –

  1. Centralized solution for Demand identification to Project closure lifecycle
  2. Seamless Approval process on the go
  3.  Improved efficiency, quick response & adapting
  4.  Enhanced visibility with real time status & reporting

  • Share Point
  • Project
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Partner