Meeting Governance

Meeting Governance

The lethargic & time-consuming paper processes are being taken over by digital platforms.

The prime government institutes are in dire need of such systems in place to meet the growing demand of digitalization. To revolutionize one of these aspects, we have developed Meeting Governance Portal.

Our portal automates key minutes of meeting tasks and facilitates governance process through proactive reminders for KPI / Action points / Critical issues / Open points and Reminders / Escalations for overdue actions. It supports a hierarchical governance model and a robust set of Dashboards & Reports such as, Governance Scorecard, Program, Project and Partner wise analysis on Actions, Critical issues, Ageing etc.

It significantly enhances the visibility and transparency of various governance related actions for Meeting Members, Senior Management as well as other key stakeholders such as, Business heads, CIOs & CTOs etc. The SharePoint portal integrates with Project server for project creation & monitoring minutes of meeting action points.

Key benefits –

  1.  Standardization of governance across the organization
  2.  Minimized human intervention for increased productivity
  3.  Centralized access to inform​action for faster decision making
  4.  Proactive alerts and notifications to enable faster closure of actions
  5.  Consistent, Disciplined and Transparent Governance

  • Share Point
  • Project
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Partner