Project & Employee Expense Management

Project & Employee Expense Management

In SME’s & big corporates, human error are a common scenario in financial reporting and management. These challenges can be easily handled with our Project resource expense management system.

Project resource expense management system helps an organization to maintain expense details and transactions of the Resources related to Project.

Benefitting with seamless integration with Project server & SAP, it enables Project management stakeholders like RMO, PMO, Project Managers, Client Partners, Reporting Officers, Project Team & Resources to keep track of their expenses at all stages from creation to manager approval, finance approval to employee reimbursement & also customer invoice generation in case if expenses are billable to customer.

Key benefits of this system –

  1. Stay on-track, on-budget and in-scope with easy reporting & maintaining of records
  2. Simple & easy way to manage all expenses related to a project Hierarchical approval process as per project management practices
  3. Advance features like Proxy submission, Exceptional approvals & Delegation

  • Share Point
  • Project
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Partner