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Demand & Change- Request Lifecycle management

e2eProjects customized Demand & Change- Request Lifecycle management automates end-to-end application development from initial request to continuous delivery. It helps IT organizations efficiently capture demand, easily define business requirements, manage software changes throughout the development lifecycle, and continuously deliver releases with confidence. Many IT organizations have used e2eProjects to dramatically improve their application lifecycle management to ensure greater visibility, streamlined compliance, faster time to market and lower delivery costs.

Orchestrating the Demand to Develop to Deploy Cycle

e2eProjects customized Demand & Change- Request Lifecycle management consists of four solutions powered by a flexible business platform that can orchestrate development work across your existing tools and processes:


Quickly captures and prioritizes demand from multiple clients to get a real-time view of all IT work and resources across the application and service delivery lifecycle. It can refine business requests into easily understood visual prototypes so that both IT and the business have a common understanding of what's needed.

Team members can leverage e2e's capabilities for requirements definition, requirements reuse and requirements traceability. e2eProjects offers integrated capabilities for request management, and requirements definition.


Improves development time by enabling distributed and mainframe development teams to manage and track changes to requirements, software configurations, and timelines. e2eProjects offers solutions for agile software development and continuous build.


Automates the continuous delivery process across multiple platforms, environments, and application tiers. IT organizations can increase release frequency and reduce risks with e2e's automated capabilities.

Process Orchestration Platform

By connecting traditionally siloed processes and applications, e2eProjects' orchestration helps you achieve greater visibility, insight, and traceability into the entire application delivery process. It provides process automation and integration, common dashboards and metrics, and Social IT collaboration capabilities.

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