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Capex-Financial Project Management

Capex – Capital expenditure planning and execution across the organization. Capital Expenditure (Capex) is an online portal built using Microsoft SharePoint Server to manage budget and track and visualise investments across all Business Units.

Capex-Financial Project Management

The Capex program is one of the most crucial aspects of planning that any organisation will ever conduct, as decisions made here will impact profitability and even survival prospects for many years into the future. Today’s CXO’s is confronted with a shift in thinking about expenses: look for ways to move expenses from the Capital Expenditure (Capex) budget to the Operational Expenditure (Opex) budget.

Capex is an Online solution to manage budget, track investments across all Business Units, and visualise investment plan made by individual unit manager by submitting inputs like summary, supporting documents, & schedule plans which lead to better visibility on budget and substantial ROI.

This solution has predefined templates for note submission which is based on various categories, once a category is selected for current financial year implementation; the approval process is initiated at the BU & HO.

Key Features:
  • End to end CAPEX planning tool
  • Easy to use Excel environment in collaboration with SharePoint
  • Creates & Captures budget demands
  • Selection & Approval of plans & funds
  • Gate approvals
Key Business Benefits:
  • Centralized repository for budget planning & budget allocation
  • Cash flow & depreciation planning
  • Plan & control existing cash flow for substantial ROI

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