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Drug Discovery Lifecycle

Drug Discovery Lifecycle (DDLC) – The Product & Process Lifecycle Management solution for Pharma captures the entire life cycle from Drug Discovery, to Drug Development to Clinical Trials with API’s & Formulation’s.

Drug Discovery Lifecycle

Our DDLC solution helps you right from mapping, scheduling, planning, document management, approvals, resources, Project Management, to other important mandates for pharmaceutical industry. It helps to ensure shorter time to market, has system driven and standardized pharmaceutical processes that streamline many areas, and a common collaborative platform to manage Clinical Projects. It is built and designed using Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

The Drug Discovery Work Flow consists of the following Steps.

  1. Drug Overview
    • Diseases Name, Drug description, Available drug Info, Product Category, Priority
  2. Target discovery
    • Target discovery (Drug target, target description)
    • Disease Mechanism (Cause of disease, Path of disease)
    • Disease Genes ( Environmental Factors, Disease Family)
  3. Target validation
  4. Development
  5. Optimization
  6. Drug Development
  7. Clinical Trials
  8. Review
Key Features:
  • Go to market visibility
  • Planning & tracking of Patent & critical milestones activity
Key Business Benefits:
  • Visualize new drug projects
  • Pre-defined templates for Clinical trials

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