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Our Solution are built on Microsoft Project Server & SharePoint. The wide range of solutions are focusing on enhancing the Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) capabilities, organizations stand to gain significant benefits. EBS effectively prioritize multiple Business Process, Programs, and projects from multiple dimensions. EBS also give organizations, the solution and tools they need to quickly respond to marketplace developments and capitalize on ongoing emerging opportunities.

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Idea Management

Idea management is the structured process for collecting, storing, prioritizing and selecting ideas from employees, customers and vendors. Converting the best ideas into products processes and gains the better comparative advantage. Leverage the power of Social Computing, Collaborative Workspaces, likes, promote etc.

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Capex & Opex Planning Solution

Capital Expenditure (Capex) program is one of the most crucial aspects of planning an organisation will ever conduct, as decisions made here will impact profitability and even survival prospects for many years into the future.

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Demand & Change- Request Lifecycle mgmt.

The solution creates & captures demand & change request (D&CR) across verticals like, Infrastructure, IT needs, Resourcing etc., to identify, track & execute request based on the demand categories followed by business process work flows.

Key Features :

  • Create & capture D&CR.
  • Gate approvals.
  • Feedback tracking for each D&CR.
  • Email notification & escalations.

Key Business Benifits :

  • Enterprise level tracking from demand to closure.
  • Centralized D&CR repository.

PPLM Solutions -

The “Product & Process Lifecycle Management” solution for Pharma captures the entire life cycle from Drug Discovery, to Drug Development to Clinical Trials with API’s & Formulation’s. The solution helps you from mapping, scheduling, planning, document management, approvals, resources, Project Management and other important mandates for pharmaceutical industry.

Key Features :

  • Go to market visibility
  • Planning & tracking of Patent & critical milestones activity

Key Business Benifits :

  • Visualize new drug projects
  • Pre-defined templates for Clinical trials

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Enterprise Project Management Solutions

EPM solutions helps organizations gain visibility and control across all projects, enhancing decision-making, improving alignment with business strategy, maximizing resource utilization, and enhancing project execution to optimize ROI.

Key Features :

  • Demand Management
  • Portfolio Selection and Analytics
  • Resource Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Time and Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

Key Business Benifits :

  • Establishes process, methodologies & best practices
  • Gain visibility and control across all projects Keep Business Lean
  • Centralized project repository
  • Cross projects resource sharing
  • Standard reporting across all projects


SharePoint introduces new ways to work together in today’s cloud, social, mobile business environment. With SharePoint, you can share, build, organize, manage, and discover better.

Key Features :

  • Social & collaboration (Interactive feed, Community site, Follow people, Follow sites)
  • Workflows (Cloud execution, Workflow 4.0-based infrastructure, Declarative authoring, Designer & project templates)
  • Enterprise Content Management (Design manager, Managed navigation, Cross-site publishing, EDiscovery)
  • Business Connectivity Services (OData connector, External data in apps, External events in SharePoint)
  • Application services (Translation services, PowerPoint automation services, Enhanced Access & Excel services)
  • Search (Consolidated search platform, Rich results framework, KQL enhancements)

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