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Engagement Synopsis

Our techno-functional engagement expertize have deliver multiple solutions to most of the industry vertical. We have experts who specialize in specific industries which gives them a deeper understanding of industry guidelines and regulations.


Project Management, Collaboration, Communication and better solution for teams. The portfolio spans from custom development, testing, system integration, deployment to maintenance and support. We also provide a easy integration of Project Server with Team foundation server. By implementing Team Foundation Server Extensions for Project Server, project managers can use Microsoft Project Server to access up-to-date project status and resource availability across agile and formal software teams who work in Team Foundation.

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Telecom projects are generally very complex and they need to be managed by experts, we let you manage the expertize and we take care of all the technology required to get better insight on the project data. Our Project Management solution is align with best practice of project management – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Our solution is also integrated with google/Bing maps for better insight and decision making.

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Engineering & Construction

e2eProjects engineering & construction management solutions are fully based on Microsoft SharePoint. e2e provides all the functionality you need to create, store, retrieve, view, check in, check out, edit and revise documents. e2e integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and various leading CAD applications, making it very suitable for architects, engineering and construction companies (AEC).

e2e increases access and visibility of files and ensures the organization is compliant with records and email management policies and procedures.

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Banking & Financial Services

The banking and finance sector is highly regulated and subjected to high degrees of prudential scrutiny. That's why it's critical for organizations in this sector to have appropriate records management procedures. It's also why it's important to ensure that one of the most unstructured forms of information management, email, is also managed to ensure regulatory compliance.

e2eProjects leverages its extensive domain and technical expertise, to deliver solutions for world’s leading banks and financial institutions. e2eProjects provides a powerful and seamless way for Outlook emails and their attachments, MS Office and files from Windows File Explorer to be classified with metadata and saved directly into a SharePoint Server.

By implementing e2eprojects banking and financial services, organizations can improve information governance and compliance beyond that solely provided by SharePoint.

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Manufacturers can leverage EPM solutions to provide value that was simply impossible earlier. With EPM e2e aligns the strategic objectives of the company to the operational plan through the financial plan in an integrated solution. Further, clients can optimize the efficient use of precious capital that can often be trapped in excess inventories by poorly planned production schedules, inadequately understood or infrequently updated demand plans, or other bottlenecks in the fulfillment process. Our EPM solution offers faster, more agile ways for manufacturers to increase revenues while containing costs.

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Automative sectore is highly competitive. A key practice to stay competitive is to adoption and Implementation of good Project Management practices is at the core of helping them achieving such differentiated business results.

Launching a new vehicle is managed as a Program and all its associated stages and phases consisting of many projects such as market research, feasibility study, concept design, detailed design, prototype building, testing of prototypes, setting up new assembly lines etc are various projects which are part of the overall program for the vehicle.

e2eProjects PPM (Program management and Project Management) solution helps organizations gain visibility and control across all projects, enhancing decision-making, improving alignment with business strategy, maximizing resource utilization, and enhancing project execution to optimize ROI.

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Product intricacies, patent expiration, exorbitant pricing and rigid regulations are driving pharmaceutical companies to look for solutions that change prevailing business patterns.

e2eProjects capability as an integrated solutions provider has helped gain the trust of numerous clients in the pharmaceutical sector across the globe. e2e offers integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical industry focusing on patient requirements, simultaneously ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency for the companies. Our Pharma sector portfolio includes reduction in product cycle-time through high performance IT solutions.

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Public Sector

Managing projects is always a challenge, especially when projects involve multiple stakeholders, unclear project requirements, and constrained resources. While the public sector there is a shortage of good project managers.

e2eProjects “Building Project Management Competency with effective tools, technologies and techniques“ program can bring in the significant change in the way projects are planned, monitored and executed. We helps organization effectively to climb the ladder of Project Management maturity by assessing the right need of Training, consulting and right technology to be used to excel in Project Management domain.

We have successfully Trained, implemented & delivered multiple project in Government and contractors, and in this regards, we believe "If you can manage a public sector project, you can manage any projects"

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Investing in EPM helps hotel and leisure organizations gain insights and identify trends that can help them manage that growth as profitably as possible. The hospitality industry ranks among the world's fastest-growing, job-creating professions worldwide.

Many Hospitality-focused organizations have a combination of significant capital investments, with complex operating models spanning hotel, food and beverage, gaming, entertainment, conventions, business services, and other unique offerings. In addition, all of them revolve around key sensitivities that sometimes change up to the last minute. e2eProjects EPM platform can handle those complex requirements with flexibility, adding the ability to quickly recalculate projections with rapidly changing variables. Weather, convention bookings, renovations, and other unforeseen market changes can all affect your bottom line - especially if a comprehensive planning capability is not part of your portfolio.

e2eprojects fully functioning EPM solution supports your executives and property managers for long-term goals such as marketing programs and capital projects can be planned with enough time to be a competitive advantage. For shorter-term adjustments, labor models can be recalculated in moments as occupancy shifts - while maintaining your high service standards. Hospitality organizations that need a combination of powerful software and a reliable partner should check in to e2e EPM solutions.

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