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Idea Innovation management solution

Idea Innovation management solution: A better way to capture and share ideas across the organization. Our Microsoft SharePoint Server based Idea management solution is a unique and structured process for collating, storing, prioritizing and selecting new and innovative ideas from employees, customers and vendors based on organizational metrics and ratings.

Idea Innovation management solution

We have a systematic way of processing ideas. We aim at transforming the best ideas into tangible products or processes and endeavour to gain better competitive advantage. We leverage the power of Social Computing, Collaborative Workspaces, likes, promos etc. to obtain ideas. Later, we identify the ideas that have real potential and finally implement the best ones for the best results.

Our Process has 4 phases. Phase 1 begins with idea creation which comprises of documenting the idea into the system via various users. These ideas are then rated on a scale of 5. Phase 2 is prioritization of ideas. These ideas are then selected in Phase 3 and a concept check is performed to see the viability of the idea being transformed into a product or service. Finally Phase 4 consists of the development of Concept, refinement and prototype creation. The concept is then tested and launching is planned.

Our GATE Review consists of project kick off, potential checks at development stage, testing & planning of launch, launch scale up readiness followed by post launch review, learning and closing.

Key Features:
  • Create and capture new ideas
  • Collaborate and prioritize ideas based on organizational metrics and ratings
  • Ability to track ideas through innovation processing or gates
Key Business Benefits:
  • Enterprise innovation culture
  • Centralized idea repository
  • Ideas convert to Project or Product to gain competitive advantage
  • Quick time to market

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