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Project Online

Project Online / Project Server

Project Online is a cloud based platform to tackle complex project portfolio management (PPM) issues.

Project Online

Project Online / Project Server

Microsoft Project Online feature facilitates collaboration between teams working on different assignments and located at diverse locations. It has an executive dashboard generating facility which helps the management to streamline and optimize projects as and when required.

One of the biggest advantages of Project Online is Cloud-based solutions. When Project Online was launched, the license cost per team member was as low as 9$/month/member.

Key features of our Solution:
  • Rich Integration with other Microsoft services.
  • Within budget and alignment.
  • Synch with SharePoint.
  • Click -to-run architecture for quick start-up of applications.
  • Cloud based Solution, hence no Hardware cost.
  • Helps to Analyze data and generate insightful reports

Project Server

Microsoft Project Server 2010/2013 enables organizations to effectively manage and coordinate work from a simple to more complex programs across the entire project lifecycle.


Our consulting solutions are stored in a centralized SQL Server database which has the highest level of security. Our team of project management consultants have developed best practices for providing Web access planning, implementation and customized services and solutions that could help you when installing Project Server 2013 or upgrading from 2010 version.


Our Microsoft project server implementation methodology is defined on milestones and deliverables: providing Solutions Requirements Gathering, Installation/Configuration, Validation, Deployment, Training, and Support.


Our Project Server Development Solution offers excellent suite of tools that aid in business efficiency. Within its functionality, is the capacity to be flexible and accommodating of every business’s size, niches and expectations.


We help with all aspects of your Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server migrations. A structured approach to planning is followed and a migration that is modified as need-based on your current setup.

SAP Integration

We enable the bidirectional data exchange between Microsoft Project and ERP systems like SAP or Dynamics AX. With its extensive checking mechanism, the complete consistency of all shared data in the participating systems is ensured.

Key Features of our Solution
  • Highly Scalable and Cost Effective
  • Out-of-the-box solutions for individual process steps and for a project’s entire lifecycle
  • Optimized for use on mobile devices
  • Data Security
  • Rich Integration and Centralized Data Management
  • Focus on Project life cycle with workflows

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