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Responsive Web App Development

Responsive Web App Development

We help to raise User Experience to the next level and make it transition smoothly to the various screen resolutions on all supported devices by leveraging responsive web design and development.

Responsive Web App Development

Responsive Web App Development

Responsive Web Design allows for cross-platform compatibility which is of utmost importance in the world of web designing. With the advent of fluid layouts, it is now easy to change the look and feel of the Interface of any website based on the width of the screen. It gives designers innovative ways of creating websites that work on all devices such as mobile, tablet, laptops, and desktops seamlessly.

We adopt the Responsive Design approach that allows designs to respond to user’s behaviour based on screen size, orientation and platform. This is generally achieved using a CSS media queries along with flexible grids and layouts. The design responds to user’s access device to accommodate for change in resolution, orientation and other capabilities. Responsive website design rearranges the content to fit onto any screen size.

We have well defined processes and methodologies that we adopt to produce the best results. Such results are generally achieved in agile design/development process as there is constant validation and discrete adjustments. We use a checklist that enables us to deliver the right user experience for each device.

Key features of our design methodology while designing Responsive websites:

  • Identify the Target devices (Resolution) which need to be supported
  • Identify the Target Platforms which need to be supported
  • Determine the functionality which would be available across resolutions
  • Create wireframes to help visualize the site in different resolutions
  • Define the Navigation across various resolutions and platforms
  • Test it across devices and platforms
Key Business Benefits:
  • Our solutions help in Increasing your reach to tablet and mobile audiences
  • Consistent look and feel leading to consistent user experience
  • Single responsive site with site analytics tools optimized to handle multiple devices and responsive reporting
  • Save time and cost on site management

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