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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our corporate training solutions identify, develop, customize and implement the right mix of training solutions that blends in with your training needs thus augmenting to your business objectives.

Corporate Training

We provide our clients with the most efficient method for training execution by minimizing the time spent in locating, negotiating and coordinating the training. We provide the most cost-effective methods of training delivery because of our vast exp in training; we can help you maximize your training value. We deliver unmatched level of client service and quality. Our goal is to help a client reach its main objective through our training modules.

We have a dedicated Learning Centre which has trainers who work with the leadership team of the Client to define training needs and goals. As needs and technologies change the Learning Centre ensures the on-going availability of trained and skilled resources along with the development of new training programs on latest, relevant technologies and certifications.

Training methodology consists of identifying training needs, proposing and evaluating the right trainer, training course content development, training delivery. Our training offerings consist of Technology training, Soft Skills training, SAP, Microsoft, Database, Java, System programming, ERP training, Data warehousing, Web technology, OS, networking being the core and many other tools.

Various methods of imparting our training for skill development:
  • Classroom training by internal and external faculty
  • IExperiential learning
  • Role plays and simulated situations
  • e-learning facilities
  • On the Job Training (OJTs)
  • Classroom based trainings (CBTs)
  • Books and references

Key features of our training Solution:
  • Define needs and schedules
  • Implement training plans
  • Quick customized training modules
  • Maximize training budgets
  • Ensure the highest quality

Key Benefits of training:
  • Provision of all India training projects ranging from entry level to management related programs
  • Development of skill sets that allow resources to undertake a greater variety of projects
  • Improved productivity of organizations
  • Helps to stay ahead of the competition
  • Cost effective training - as it is cheaper to train existing employees compared to recruiting new employee with the skills you need.

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