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Databases Integration

Databases Integration

For business integration, e2eProjects uses proven methodologies and frameworks to integrate functions, processes, data, and people, throughout an organization. Specifically, the unification and integration of business processes and data across the enterprise become more and more important due to exponential growth of data.

Databases Integration

Databases Integration

Our integration solutions offer data synchronization between different data sources. We do complex integrations from different data sources like – SAP, Oracle, Vanilla DBs like SQL, MySql etc as well as Information stored in ERP systems such as SAP. We have the expertise to take the project from concept to completion.

Our Approach

Our implementations approach is Agile. It is specifically designed to deliver quality and cost effective solutions. Our Agile approach enables us to work with flexibility and helps us to perform and cater to all your business requirements at all stages.

We provide users with a unified view of data. User can access the Web Applications and data via Cloud based services. These services interact with the custom database and same database then gets synchronized with the Staging Database. At certain intervals an application runs which synchronizes the Staging Data with the SAP and vice versa. Similarly, when all the master data information comes to the Staging database and again same information synchronizes with the Custom Database for our cloud based services to consume.

We maintain Archival Databases. It is a crucial part of any system where data is an essential part. Our Archival process has major benefits such as better performance of the system and Disaster recovery. Our Archival Process caters to huge amounts of Data like transactional, Master and Operational information, and this may impact the overall performance. So, for every financial year, processed data is moved to the archival database, which is no longer required by the system. In case of reporting historical data, it will always point to the archival database.

Along with archival databases we also maintain Logs. There is a separate database, which will record each, and every transaction happened on application. In this way there will be a perfect record of every transaction with details of user’s date and time wise.

We leverage SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) that can be used to load data into a database, manipulate data, and transfer data between servers and files. SSIS is also able to move data between different types of databases. It is optimized for data manipulation and replaced Data Transformation Services (DTS) that we offer.

Our evolved processes and services have helped us in executing various integration projects. Our experience has enabled us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are not only innovative and scalable but also value added and result driven.

Key Features:
  • Alignment of technology with business objectives
  • Technology expertise
  • Agile & Process driven
  • Deep industry Experience
  • Cost effective integrations

Key Business benefits:
  • Reduces time to market
  • GReduces cost of sales
  • Eliminates errors associated with manual processes
  • Easy and Integrated access to data
  • Critical decision making is easy due to high availability of data
  • Achieve fast, reliable, real-time information processing across all data sources

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