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SharePoint ESS (Employee Self Service)

SharePoint ESS is a centralised portal designed to enable employees create service requests and automate workflows. It boosts the employee productivity as they have access to the latest news and event along with the suite of options available for self help.

SharePoint ESS

SharePoint Employee Self-Service portal offers key services to the employees. These services include creating Employee Profile, access to Employee time sheets, Leaves, Attendance Regularization, Travel, Expense and Salary Reports, Employee Training Data, etc.

HR Functions accessible to employees are skills and job matches, Performance Appraisals, Job History, Certifications, Trainings, employee career path, professional development.

Payroll functions include Salary related information. Employees can calculate taxes and net pay download their salary slips on a monthly basis and raise related requests in case of discrepancies. Administration department handles travel, facilities, purchase related queries and reports.

Microsoft technology provides the right solution to overcome the challenges of tedious manual processes and helps to gain higher operational efficiencies. A centralized platform for employee data access is built on Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Key features of Solution:
  • Centralised Portal
  • System Workflows
  • Freedom to Customize
  • Data Capture from various formats
  • Advance booking Feature
  • Reduced Paper work
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Secure transactions
  • Improved Accuracy

Key Benefits:
  • Self-sufficient employees
  • Allows hassle free advance booking and cancellations of meeting or conference rooms
  • Saves paper, printing resources reducing related costs
  • Efficiency in work, optimised operations
  • Secure transactions, no misuse of data
  • Faster approvals
  • Employees can make changes easily without having make changes to the code
  • Reports generation irrespective of the format

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