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My Timesheet

My Timesheet is a Custom timesheet management application that allows Seamless end to end timesheet management solutions to all project and non-project / administrative activities. It is developed using Microsoft SharePoint Server and provides several benefits to employees and the organization.

My Timesheet

We help enterprises realize high priority initiatives such as implementation, configuration, integration, Dashboards and metrics generation. We help companies of all sizes better manage their workforce attendance, and projects. Our unique combination of technology, evolved processes and highly skilled resources with in-depth domain knowledge leads us to deliver the best custom solutions and services for achieving business goals, productivity, collaboration and growth.

Key Features of our Solution:

Our custom Timesheet management application helps to capture precise time and attendance details for accurate payroll processing, law compliance, generating dashboards and insight into workforce productivity. It has features that help you review, filter and manage all timesheets to ensure timely submission and compliance. It also helps centrally manage time off and expenses for the entire company. It allows performing time and attendance activities on a single screen. It easily tracks overtime versus regular hours and automates all pay calculations.

Our solution offers features and capabilities you need for tracking and viewing of timesheet related data.

Key Features:
  • Key Features of our solutions are:
  • All timesheet related information
  • Viewing of up-to-date time off requests and balances
  • Export reports to various file formats for convenient viewing

Key Benefits:
  • Time Capture & Approvals
  • Absence Management
  • Attendance Regularisation
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Overtime Management
  • Streamlined Payroll Processes
  • Policy Compliance

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